I have a beautiful Ash tree in my back yard. Learn about the origins of other colors as we discover why turquoise is so valuable.. Your caterpillar may have been ready to pupate--hope it turned into a great moth for…. The pale yellow or grayish conical larvae, like those of most blow flies, have two posterior spiracles through which they respire. Yes I just did! The insect turned from true-blue turquoise to rich shimmering emerald green as if a switch had flipped. I now know what is beautiful “new to me” bug was that I saw for the first time at Nantahala Lake. Heatstreaker- Visual targeting and heat sensing, can find any opponent or his Slug over long distances. On average, they vary in diameter from the … They are quite pretty when they glitter in the sun! I hope you have been seeing Tiger Beetles not Emerald Ash Borers. Haw River NC . Thank you for the photo and ID! When I clicked on this picture posted by Jacob’s Tree Surgery, the caption leapt to my eyes: “THIS IS NOT THE DREADED EMERALD ASH BORER.”. 99. Thank you in advance for any information you can provide me. Your email address will not be published. Every interesting, First I’ve ever seen. We have one on the pavement around the pool and I panicked thinking it was the DEAB. So pretty! //
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