Lakshmana was unstoppable, and slew Indrajit by beheading him with the Aindrastra (verses 71 and 72 chapter 90 Yudhkanda Valmiki Ramayana). That Indrajit is associated with snake-arrows may have inspired the idea that he had a snake-wife. Kusha. Indrajit is said to be one of the most skilled warriors. Indrajit: Ravana's son who fought Rama with magical powers. The Ramayana consists of 24,000 verses in seven books (kāndas) and 500 cantos (sargas),and tells the story of Rama (an incarnation of the Hindu preserver-God Vishnu), whose wife Sita is abducted by the demon king of Lanka, Ravana. Upon his death his wife … The Ramayana is one of the two most important books of Hindu mythology alongside the Mahabharata. I had to rake my memories and I think I was able to do this. “50 Ramayana characters” is published by Kedar Nimkar in Shadja. It is an account of the life and times of Lord Rama and his epic battle against Ravana to rescue his wife Sita. Along with Kusha, one of the youths to whom Valmiki taught the Ramayana that he received from Narada. He was said to be so expert in archery that he could kill numerous opponents with one arrow shot from his bow. Ravana from Ramayana . 1. Indrajit’s wife performs sati: she burns herself on Indrajit’s funeral pyre. ... His son Indrajit (Meghnaad) also had the power of invisibility. Ravan or Ravana was the ten-headed demon-king of Lanka and met his end at the hands of Lord Ram as he had kidnapped Sita, the wife of Ram. Ahalya: Wife of sage Gautama, who was turned into a stone and later became free from curse by the touch of Rama. His wife Sulochana became Sati upon his death. Hanuman: Son of Pavana--the wind God; Devotee of Rama and a leading warrior among the monkey tribe. Indrajit – A Powerful Rakshasa. 19/20 19 Gautama: Sage/Rishi who cursed her wife Ahalya and turned her into a stone for her immoral conduct. The Valmiki Ramayana quotes many occasions during the exile when Rama incessantly cried like a madman, asking trees, flowers, plants, and animals in the jungle about Sita’s whereabouts, and often fainted on the ground depressed and agonized, while Lakshmana took the role of a caretaker and counselor who enthused him with words of motivation. He is one of the sons of Rama, but he does not know this. This practice, now illegal, was long considered the sign of a noble woman. In a startling alternate narrative of the Ramayan, the Jaina version of Ramayana by Sanghadasa - called the Adbhuta Ramayana - Sita is called Vasudevahindi and is said to have been born as the daughter of Ravana and Vidyadhara Maya (Ravana's wife). This story is told by a saint.Lord noticed that out of all hoods one hood had some bad intent towards Lakshmiji.Lord Visnuji got angry and He cut one head of Sheshnaag. His wife is Parvati. Indrajit was also capable of scattering darkness and … It also claims that astrologers predict that first child of the duo will destroy his lineage. Jambuvan: Leader of bears who found Sita with his supernatural powers. Ravana had twenty arms and ten heads. Along with Lava, one of the youths to whom Valmiki taught the Ramayana that he received from Narada. Once Lord Vishnu was resting on Sheshnaag. Sulochana, known as Prameela in some retellings, emerges as a character in medieval literature. Who Was Indrajit In The Ramayana. Noted Tamil scholar, S. K. Ramarajan wrote a noted epyllion, "Meganadham", the tragedy of Indrajit, known for its characterisation of Indrajit's wife Sulochana. Lava.

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